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Dancing Queen

Many people have heard about Body by Simone. Most likely through Khloe Kardashians show on E! called Revenge Body. I really loved dance when I was a kid and the people that I see coming in and out of the studio seem fit. So, I gave it a try. Lucky me the studio is right in my neighborhood on 26th Street by the water on the West Side. BBS has five signature classes; Dance Cardio, Full Body, ABC (Arms, Back and Core), HTB (Hips, Thighs, and Buns) and Trampoline Cardio.

I took a Dance Cardio Class. Oh boy did I sweat! I re-learned how to memorize choreography and it took me a little to get back into the swing of a dance class. However, with everyone around me enjoying themselves and trying their best, it made messing up easy to laugh at. The class started with a warm-up song. Then we learned 2-3 songs worth of choreography and put them all together to end the dance portion. It was honestly so much fun. As a kid I was more of a ballet girl rather than jaz or hip-hop but I loved this up-b…
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Time for some fun! We talked about how your mindset can cause a huge difference is feeling like your best self. One of the best ways to do that is to join in activities that make you happy. Whether that be a walk in the park, joining a sports team, or anything that makes you smile, do it!

Something fun that I did recently was indoor sky diving! I did this at the iFly facility back home in King Of Prussia, PA. There is a facility in Yonkers and I suggest you go! This was one of the most fun things I have ever done. Once you get there and get dressed in your jumpsuit, they sit you down for the instructional video. Next think you know, you're flying through the air, an instructor at your side. Sky diving is something that I have always wanted to experience and this was a good warm up to the real thing. So go out, do something fun for you today! Enjoy your Monday for a change.

Parlor De Witte Facial

This is one of the best facials I have ever had! I met Ashley Witte, the owner, through a mutual friend and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is genuine and has a great head on her shoulders. I was a little nervous about this treatment because I was getting it right before a big meeting with my agency. Ashely assured me that she wouldn't do anything that would cause my skin to get red. After the treatment, my skin looked amazing and I went into my meeting feeling confident.

Ashley has the top facial technologies and she does a great job describing what each machine does for your skin. Her website says it all, "Dedicated to the transformation of skin through organic elements, gentile touch and non-invasive technology." She is located in a very convenient location on 5th Ave and 32nd St and her space is calming and cozy. It's a new and personal experience every time I go in. I can't wait to go back.

Hang In There

Anya was created by Courtney Bauer who spent years in he role as a toga, pilates and meditation teacher. As it says on the Anya website her goal was to "create a fitness formula to strengthen the body, rest the mind and heal the soul." The Anya studio was very relaxing. The smell of aroma therapy wafted throughout the room as I walked in. There were soft curtains separating the different studios and as you can see in the photo, natural light flooded the room as plants grew by the windowsill. 

The class I took as Aerial yoga for beginners. I was a little nervous taking this class because I had recently dislocated my shoulder and I didn't want to put too much pressure on it. The class was very relaxing but I did work up a sweat during the abs section. Trust me, you will feel those abs tomorrow. I really enjoyed this class. It had the relaxation I needed to get from the yoga portion but still gave me a good workout. I would go back to Anya again.

Casting Makeup

As I was getting ready this morning, I thought I'd do a little "how to" on how I get ready for my castings everyday.

Wash hair using OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditionerUse OGX Argan Oil of Morocco voluminous mousseBlow dry your hair by flipping your hair upside down (take a break when you get hot)Use Neutrogena eye liner just on the topUse concealer on the under eyes (if you'd like) run from the outer edge to the inner edgeApply as much mascara as you'd like. I only use it on the top lashes but you can use it on the lower lashes as wellA little bit on lip stick or gloss And you're ready to go! I hope you guys found this interesting and let me know if you like the video so that I can make more. Hope this helps everyone feel ready to take on their day.

Do Your Own Thang

This month marks two years since I've moved to New York. From the beginning, I have lived with a model named Madlena Kalinova. She has helped me out immensely, giving me advice and recommendations about anything and everything.

Originally I wanted to interview Madlena to show what the typical modeling lifestyle is, but after reading her answers I realized that there is no one way to be fit. Since both of us are models, we are required to be healthy and fit. The focus of this post is to show that there is not one way to be healthy.I decided to do a little bit of a comparison because even though we are similar in a lot of ways, we live our lives differently.  I interviewed Madlena about her modeling career, favorite foods, fitness regimens and beauty tips and then I answered the same questions. Here were her answers:

How long have you been modeling?

I got into modeling 15 years ago.

How did you first get into modeling?

I was discovered shopping with my mom on a local street market in m…

Killer Barry

Ignore the unhappy look on my face, it's just because I couldn't breathe. Barry's Bootcamp is about as hard as it gets. I workout on a daily basis and this place kicked my butt. I have taken their arms and abs as well as their butt and legs class. I left both of these classes with my shirt see through I was sweating so much.

They assign you a treadmill or floor space and you either start you off on the floor or the treadmill. I liked starting on the treadmill better because it's a good warm up and when you are done you end on the floor which is better for stretching. You don't get to necessarily choose though. They do two rounds. You are on the treadmill twice and on the floor twice doing multiple exercises on the floor. I wasn't necessarily sore the next day but I was exhausted at the end. If you want to be tired and sweaty, then go to Barry's.